Three Things

Here are Three Reasons to Buy in the Fall!

1. Inventory is up. There is a selection of homes in all price points. You may not have to compete with multiple buyers.   

2. Sellers this time of year tend to be more motivated than a Spring seller. Instead of a seller reducing the price of their home,  your buyer's agent (me) could negotiate seller concessions to buy down your interest rate. A win for both parties, making the monthly payment more affordable. 

3. The wet weather can show more flaws. For example, inspectors may miss moisture intrusion when it is hot and dry outside. 

Ultimately real estate, like everything in life, is about timing. To find out if the time is right for you let's meet for a coffee. Text me at 720-308-1585 or email to schedule a zero pressure conversation.  

Here are the Three Things I am excited for in the 303 this Week!

1. Beer takes center stage again this weekend at the GABF in town. Break out your pretzel necklaces and taste a few of the 3,800 barley sodas it is also the start of Oktoberfest, you can do the chicken dance next weekend too.  

2. Doors Open Denver. Choose from Expert guided tours or self guided tours. Get your history on with Dr. Colorado or checkout out the Alleyways or graffiti art. Some events are free others just cost $10. Check out the full list of events here 

3. Fall Equinox. Don't neglect your fall chores

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